Polyurethane system for Automotive Seat Cushion

Release date : 2019/11/27

Product description:

Polyurethane foam is used in the production of most of the car seats, which cause reduction in vibration and increase the comfort for the driver and passenger during the trip.

Light weight of polyurethane foam causes decrease of the total weight of car, as a result decrease of fuel consumption. Polyurethane seat foam has a crucial role in the transport industry. These foams can increase the quality, security, economical production in the modern transport industry. During the past years, density of the polyurethane foam decreased by 40% in the transport industry, In the event that, the efficiency and quality of the final product retained.

Reasons of using polyurethane foam in the transport industry:

  • Polyurethane is lasting and they are not prone to corrosion ,so in their life time provide stability even in the difficult situation.(high life time)
  • Decrease of car weight as result decrease of fuel consumption.
  • The available range of density for production of car seat foam is 25-45 (kg/m3)


  • Car/bus industry
  • Rail transportation industry
  • Air transport industry

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