Polyurethane (PU)

Release date : 2019/11/27

Polyurethanes (Pus) are an important type of polymers that are produced while step growth reactions happen between polyols, Isocyanate, chain extenders and other additives this type includes a wide range of polymers with different type of applications and various chemical and physical properties.

During last 3 decades, polyurethanes due to their comfort economic benefits, energy saving properties and having an ECO- friendly structure, have been used increasingly in various applications.  

This type of polyurethanes is a unique type that can deliver same characteristic of rubber elasticity with hardness and long life of metals.

Nowadays polyurethanes obtained from various sources, are used in a wide range of application and various properties with different properties which are accessible by changing raw material, synthesis method and production methods.

This polymer is one of the most adjustable material in the world which is mostly used in Flexible foam like furniture, sofa and rigid foam in roof and wall insulation. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPUS) using in medical industries, shoe industries. Water base/Waterborne polyurethane, adhesives, seamers, elastomers for construction and automotive industries.

Basically polyurethanes are the most complicated family of polymers.

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