Rigid Foam

Release date : 2018/02/06

Rigid Polyurethane foam is a type of famous polyurethanes which are one of the most popular and efficient PU foam in the world, this material can strongly save energy in various purposes industries.

In accordance with declaration of American energy organization, Due to absence and lack of a proper insulation system, approximately 56 percent of energy is wasting for residential cooling and heating. In order to stabilize and remain temperature at a certain level and to reduce sound transmission in houses and office rooms, manufacturers tend to use polyurethanes.

This material with its high insulation properties, could be used in insulation of roof, wall, windows and door.

Additionally Rigid Polyurethane foams as heat insulators with the densities of 37 & 43 Kg/M3 are used in Sandwich panels, floor insulation, tanks insulation, pipe’s carrying chemical materials.

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