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We as Sepehr Donya International Trading co. with more than 25 years of experience have been one of the Reputable Manufacturers and Exporters of Systems for Rigid and Flexible Polyurethane Foam in Middle East and Central Asia in the various industries such as Construction and Building Material, Insulation, Sandwich Panels, Refrigerator, Wood Imitation, Furniture, Memory Foam, Automotive Seat Cushions, Shoe, Release Agent and etc. ...

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Silicone lubricant

Release agent is an indispensable part of most of the production processes. Although they are often necessary in production, usually the value of the addition of these materials is ignored in the production line.

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Flexible Foam Polyurethane System

Flexible polyurethane foam is used for foundation/infrastructure of various materials used in cushions and commercial textile products like home and office furniture, indoor spaces of cars(Trim), …

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Rigid Foam

Rigid Polyurethane foam is a type of famous polyurethanes which are one of the most popular and efficient PU foam in the world, this material can strongly save energy in various purposes industries.

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